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Soft Cover Perfect Bound Books are great for training manuals, sports programs, novels and any thick paperback or hardback.

Perfect book binding is accomplished with digitally printed pages clamped in a vise-like structure.

  • These pages are drawn across a blade that carves notches in the bound edge.
  • This “roughed up" spine is passed over a hot melt glue dispenser.
  • Glue adheres to the edges and works its way into the notches.
  • After the glue is applied to the spine, the whole assembly is forced into what will become the wrap around cover.
  • Completing the book binding, the cover is folded around the “book block”, glued and folded up the front and back of the book.

This form of book binding is preferred as the standard for paperbacks as well as the beginning of a cloth covered high-end hard bound book.